Koh Samui Retreat Day 3 Part 1 : Koh Tao (Turtle Island)

11:36 PM

16th April 2012. 
Today is the third day we're here. 
We're going island hopping today. 
yeeha!! :) 

 We bought the island hopping package online through groupon
 (Koh Samui: Full Day Catamaran Boat Tour of Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan).
 a wise decision, i must say. why? 

 1) because it's wayyy cheaper than buying it at Koh Samui (1700THB per person. we got 1340THB).
 2) you might not get the tickets if you buy it on the spot as there're lotsa ppl there! 

 anyway, let's get going shall we? ^___^

the agent picked us at SHR at 7.00am.

it looks so peaceful..
and yes, it was. a very nice and clean beach.
except there were dogs EVERYWHERE! gahh!
 stress haku tau masa ni. adoiii.

we were among the earliest to arrive.

tapi tak lama lepastu, kemain ramai lagi yang sampai. and most of them are Korean.

see... how adorable (and cheesy) dorang ni. most of the couples that i've seen wore the same couple shirts/short pants. tatau la memang wajib ke apa sebab seriously, MOST OF THEM ok yang pakai same color/corak. even the girls' two-piece pun boleh sama dengan short boifren/hasben dorang. dah la comel-comel coraknya. 
( tapi saye tak amek la gamba dorang. kang dorang ingat saye stalker pulak nak amek2 gambar dorang. hehe )

queue sebelum naik feri/catamaran boat. nampak macam ramai, sebenarnya tak. time ni ramai da masuk bot awal-awal.

yeehaa! we're going titanic baybeeee! lol.
yeah yeah. i can be so OTT sometimes. hihi.

a very big & comfortable ferry!3 tingkat ok!~ memang terbaik. oh, they provided us with free return drinks. pergi dapat satu cup air bikarbonat (i.e: air gas). balik pun dapat satu cup. 

 btw, they also provided us with breakfast at the jetty whila waiting for the ferry. 
there's tea, coffee, sandwich & also banana.

at Koh Nang Yuan. we have to change boat here cause we're going to Koh Tao first.

sempoi gila, kan. sebelah tangan dukung baby, sebelah tangan lagi sambut wife. 
how sweet.. 

hmm.. during my stay in here, i saw lotsa young parents bring their kids for holiday. and by kids, i mean.. baby or toddler. i always thought it's gonna be difficult to bring babies to vacation- well, that's what i heard from friends. "susah la nak jalan, ada baby.. nanti itu la..ini la.. blablabla..". so i guess, these oramputih proved me wrong, kot? 

but then again, dorang senang la sebab takyah pikir nak cebok.. nak solat.. kena bersih suci dari najis.. agaknya sebab tu kot orang kita susah nak bawa baby.. kalau dah 3,4 tahun tu ok la kan :) kalau saye nanti, tatau la macam mana,kan.. #ehtetiba ;)

oh indah nya.. permainya.. lautan terbentang luas..

my baby G12 is in action! hehe. 
 the round circle is actually the lens' cover. i don't think it looks bad. i think it's cool. looks like some photography art or something. hehehe. 

if you're using WP610, don't worry. it's my bad. i put the camera in the wrong side of the case.. and, also, i didn't put the sponge (camera base) properly, that's why it looks that way. and hey, i still think it's cool :)

Koh Tao is just nice. not many colorful fishes and corals. kinda bored. so, instead of snorkeling, we went crazy goofing around with the waterproof case. hihi.

ok. time's up. next destination : Koh Nang Yuan! :)

ps: fyi,  all photos using WP610 are not edited by any photo software. i only add the frame :)

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