Sunday, May 27, 2012

lazy sunday

what a lovely Sunday i had yesterday.
no pending jobs..
not on-call..
just a quiet Sunday.

i woke up early morning.. and then doze off while listening to Reza Salleh's album.. and then i woke up again.. listening to the album again.. smile like an idiot sambil  bermalas-malasan on my bed. was a blissful Sunday..

//image taken from my
//just bought this album last week :)

and then finally i get up from the bed. took shower. re-run House Season 7 (saye dah abes tengok sampai the 8th Season Finale dah pun sebelum tu. ngee) sambil lipat baju. (yup, i haven't be able to do that since i've been having a hectic month. huhu~)

i promised myself NEVER to take Sunday for granted EVER AGAIN. 


actually, this was what i had in mind lastweek, but i was on stand-by mode on Saturday, so yeah, no short getaway last weekend. 
haiih.. da dapat stay at home on Sunday pun dah syukur seribu rahmat dah tu.