Saturday, June 23, 2012

love at first sight

i went to an ex-colleagues' (both of the newly-weds are my friends) wedding reception last night. 
and my oh my, what a stunning dais they had!
i love the deco.
simple but elegant.
i love the transparent canopy,
the fairy lights,
the glass chair!
and they also have this live jazz band playing during the event, which is at the outside of the bride's house.
what a lovely wedding!~

and today,
i found myself browsing to wedding website.

i'm not getting married anytime soon.
(BUT, really.. who would really know when will the time comes, aite? ;p)

and while browsing, i stopped at this image:

my jaw dropped and i'm literally  hold my breath (i have no idea why i did that!) when i saw this pic.

it was love at first sight.

image from here.

i love the details. enough said =)

Sunday, June 17, 2012


hectic life. i don't even know how to begin.
too many jobs to handle at once i'm gonna lose my mind.
i have to be the admin. i have to troubleshoot things. i have to code as well. kalau satu system je, and satu department/discipline to handle takpe la jugak, kan.. tapiii ohh tidakkkk.. aku la manusia paling multi purpose kat sini. and you know how much they pay me? a. freaking. JOKE. (honestly, i wanted to use a different F. but i settled with Freaking je la. more appropriate =p )

guess i have to do what i have to do.

on a different, brighter note:
now my sister is staying with me. so yeayy! no more lonely days. ngeee~
yesterday i picked her up from Bangi. Eh no. actually, i went to Bangi by that super snail komuter (penatttt!!!huhu), then she picked me up. from there i showed her the direction to KL sampai la my home sweet home. pastu kitorang test jalan to her office and back and pastu tiba-tiba je kitorang da sampai Pavilion. hehe.

so, today is her first day.
hope everything's fine.
pasni bole ajak Cik Ana tengok movie sesama pulak.