Sunday, June 17, 2012


hectic life. i don't even know how to begin.
too many jobs to handle at once i'm gonna lose my mind.
i have to be the admin. i have to troubleshoot things. i have to code as well. kalau satu system je, and satu department/discipline to handle takpe la jugak, kan.. tapiii ohh tidakkkk.. aku la manusia paling multi purpose kat sini. and you know how much they pay me? a. freaking. JOKE. (honestly, i wanted to use a different F. but i settled with Freaking je la. more appropriate =p )

guess i have to do what i have to do.

on a different, brighter note:
now my sister is staying with me. so yeayy! no more lonely days. ngeee~
yesterday i picked her up from Bangi. Eh no. actually, i went to Bangi by that super snail komuter (penatttt!!!huhu), then she picked me up. from there i showed her the direction to KL sampai la my home sweet home. pastu kitorang test jalan to her office and back and pastu tiba-tiba je kitorang da sampai Pavilion. hehe.

so, today is her first day.
hope everything's fine.
pasni bole ajak Cik Ana tengok movie sesama pulak.


~~~ana121~~~ said...

yeyy!!.. dh tmbh lg geng tgk movie.. :):).. congrats tuk efie, dan utk kakak dia jugak.. sbb berjaya bwk bwk efie dr bangi smpi pavi..hahaha...