RAMADHAN: The Battle Plan (Sh. Yahya Ibrahim)

10:19 PM

Sekejap je kan dah nak masuk bulan Ramadhan.. less than 48 hours left kot?

Here, i want to share some tips from Sh Yahya Ibrahim's ceramah last night:

1. the holy month of Ramadhan is a very special month.. the time where Shaitaan is kept away from us.
This is the month where we battle with our own sinfulness, to establish the battle of our soul. So, hold your tongue. lower your eyes.

2. This is the time where we can increase our Taqwa to Allah. How? By ibadah, zikr (zikir) & syukr (syukur).

3. We have to be grateful & thankful to Allah, it'll prevent us from Kufr (kufur).

4. Taqwa is what we seek for Allah's mercy, to allow us to enter Jannah :)

5. The essence of Siyaam (fasting) is Qiyaam (standing/Qiyamulail).

6. If we meet Lailatulqadr, make dua' of these : Seek Allah's forgiveness, keep us away from Jahanam and may Allah grant us to enter Jannah.

Key for our Battle Plan for this Ramadhan: IQQI

I - Infaq
Can be by sedekah. But one of the good ones, by opening our house and invite people for berbuka puasa.

Q - Qur'an
Read Qur'an. Set target to Khatam it. we should learn the meaning, verse by verse, because those are the words our Lord has given to us, speak to us.. T__T (i literally cried when Sh. Yahya said this. huhu)

Q - Qiyaam (Stand/ Bangun malam)
The best place of worship is standing (Qiyaam).
Sabda Rasullah SAW: "Those who stand in Ramadhan (Maan qoma Ramadahan) is planted with imaan, their sin is forgiven".

I - Istighfar
Establish our istighfar. Learn to control ourselves from maksiah (maksiat).


Our End Game Mission for Ramadhan is 

Let's make this year be the BEST Ramadhan EVER!!~

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