Thursday, September 27, 2012

travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Koh Samui : Final Episode + Total Cost/Budget

As promised, this is the final entry for Koh Samui. i'm very sorry for those who wait and e-mail, took me 5 months to finish this. i'm extremely busy nowadays. gomenasai ^__^

nak cerita panjang pun dah terlupa.. so i'll let the pictures do the talking, yeah?

our flight was scheduled to depart at 1220 hours, but unfortunately and as EXPECTED, A*Asia changed it to 1135hours. it was crazy!!We hafto catch the earliest ferry from Nathon Pier to make sure we won't missed our flight. 

school boy

peaceful morning.
it was still early..
i think it was around 6.30ish in the morning.

this ferry is much much better than the one we took during the first day.

arriving Donsak.

see.. dah ada bas tunggu.

tengah syok layan perasaan dalam bas sensorang, tiba-tiba terdengar bunyi 'POM!'
tapi masa tu buat 'dek' je la..
ingatkan bunyi apa..

sekali rupa-rupanya..




amek kau.
flat tire.
syukur Alhamdulillah nothing bad happened to us.

someone called A*Asia to inform about this incident and to ask for a delay, and he(she?) told us that A*Asia is not responsible for this.
so we can only pray that we can reach the airport on time.
we were stranded around 20 minutes.
masa tu cuak gilaaaaaa walaupun awal-awal lagi dah buat web check in.

berjaya sampai on-time.
rupa-rupanya kawasan kejadian cuma within 10-15 minutes drive from the airport.

and as it turned out, kebetulan flight sampai lambat.
sabo je la...

here are the total cost for this trip, EXCLUDE shopping:

Flight (return)                = RM 308.20
Resort (4h3m/3pax)          = RM 118.84
Na Muang Waterfall (1200thb) = RM 117.65
Koh Tao & Koh Nang Yuang = RM 134.00
Bus & Ferry (700 bht return) = RM  68.60
Rental Car (1300bht/5pax) = RM  25.49
Minyak Kereta (250bht/5pax)  = RM   4.90


   Total  = RM777.68


for souvenirs, i only bought 3 t-shirts which cost 200bht each, a pareo (100bht) and a few fridge magnet for close friends and myself. so, the total damage for Koh Samui retreat less than MYR1K. 

my advice,if you don't have much time in Koh Samui and you love the beach , no need to go to Na Muang Waterfall. spend more time at the beach or island hopping..okay?

for those who are going to Koh Samui, have fun! :)

sekian. timekasei :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


hoi lamanya tak update blog.
nak buat camno kan.. busy keje..kalau tak busy keje, saye busy tido pulak. huhu~
my life has been totally crazy this past few months. rasanya my brain pun dah tahap takleh function properly dah ni sebab overload. T________T

another reason sebab makin malas update: sebab asek update via fb, twitter, instagram, etc. so rasa macam no point je nak repeat the same thing dalam blog. plus, with better privacy. cewah. bajet macam artis pulak kan, nak privacy bagai ;p but yeah, i miss this 'ol-blog-of-mine too.

looking back to my past entries,
saye masih hutang entry Koh Samui: Last Day.. hahaha dah nak masuk ke penghujung tahun, entry lama masih tak berupdate. sumimasen :(

tayar bocor on the way ke airport Surat Thani. kau ado? huhuhu~

i'll update as soon as possible, insyaAllah.. tapi most probably entry bergambar je la memandangkan saye dah keterlupaan all the details. hihi~

entry raya pun takde update. haish.

pakai baju tahun lepas je..

kononnya nak update daily masa hari raya aritu, tapi malangnya too busy melayan tetamu dan kami adik-beradik too busy melayan series Once Upon A Time sampai season finale, maka takde lah daily update Hari Raya. hehe.

hopefully pasni akan ada masa untuk update blog kesayangan nih..
see ya later, alligator ;)