Backpacking South Korea : How it's started.

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Honestly, i have no idea how we ended with Korea. it must be because of Ana. yes. definitely because of her.  i'm pretty sure of it. sebabnya, the first plan after we (me & mzl) returned from Vietnam last year was China. Mzl had already  planned a route & cost lagik! dan yang bestnya, in his route, siap ada plan terlajak ke Korea lagi! little that we know that we will end up in South Korea instead of China, hahhaha.

 So, for South Korea.. Ana is the mastermind. mostly because she's a PHD student, so kitorang yang lain ni assume dia banyak masa lapang walhal dia sendiri pun banyak kije. huhu. mianhe, Ana ;) i know u love this, don't you? hehe. she is the tukang beli tiket.. the GPS bergerak during our stay in South Korea and sometimes she's our teranslator tak bertauliah. hihihi. #untungla kitorang jimat bayar Tourist Guide ;p ngehngeh.

We bought the return flight ticket to South Korea in February for only MYR458.00 (exclude luggage) during Big Sale. hebat tak? it's for 9 days (sebab harga tiket untuk the next few days semua mahal-mahal, so we have to limit our stay to only 9 days). Dah beli flight ticket, baru la kitorang met up in Korea Tourism Office (KTO) in Hap Seng Plaza to discuss our route. (read here)

 FYI, there are sooo many things you can get in KTO. yes you can get the infos from the internet, but in KTO you can get the hardcopy brochure, maps, Korea Travel Guide (buku ni lagi 8 juta kali best daripada Lonely Planet i'll post the picture later) etc and if you're lucky (like us!), you can get free T-Money as well! (we plan this trip as a backpacking trip, so T-Money is very much important to us as we gonna travel by subways).

naik lunyai dah buku ni. huhuhu~

Anyway, most of our plans came from the maps. easy peasy. tapi lepas tu survey juga di internet because ahemmm.. yours truly ni kan Secret Garden's kipas-susah-mati, so opkos ler cari shooting location for Secret Garden. but too bad, when i surveyed the drama shooting location, most of it hasn't opened yet :( now i heard dah open kot yang rumah Kim Joo Won tu, but the entrance fee quite pricey laa.. but i managed to drop by at Petite France yo! the place where the first time Joo Won met Gil Ra Im sshii!! mak suker nokkk! hahahahahahahhaah! (for other location, click here)

Another thing, two weeks before we fly to S.Korea, we went to MATTA FAIR as well. managed to get a super cheap rental car in Jeju Island for 102,600KRW for 3 days (70 hours)!!! murah gilaaaa ok. ini yang memang unexpected sebab kitorang dah survey harga dah sebelum tu dan memang dah redha dah dengan harga mahal yang akan dibayar di Jeju Island nanti. but when we went to MATTA FAIR, Baaammm! dapat murah giler rasa bersyukur yang teramat sangat. Alhamdulillah :)

Pastu beli a few things from Universal Traveller masa kat Matta Fair - winter socks (walaupun pegi masa autumn, tapi autumn sejuk and the socks helps a lot!!!!) toilettries plastic container..etc. btw, menyesal tak beli muffler masa kat matta fair sebab harga lagi murah drpd beli kat Seoul. huhuhuhu~

perkara tak best terjadi before we fly: Mzl kena pergi off-shore and was scheduled to return on Thursday (our flight for Incheon was on Friday). pehh haku hangin gila naper la takde engineer lain yang bole dikambingkan :-/ . it was a total nightmare. dah la dia sorang je ada International Driving License. Aigoo.

 ok. so i guess that's all for the introduction. will update the rest later, insyaAllah. :)

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