Photo of The Day : Mommy and His Little Boy at Mount Seorak, Sokcho

9:36 PM

Anneyong Haseyo everyone!!~ ^__^
sorry for the lack of update (eh. ada ke yang baca? ;p)
i really don't have much time for meself this recent days *sigh*

anyway, right now i'm selecting photos to be printed in photobook and maigodddd, it's been weeks!
banyak gila gambar sampai tak tahu nak pilih yang mana! aigoo.
i think i'll buy another coupon to make another photobook. Part 1 and Part 2. ok tak?
because to compile everything in one album macam berat je nanti.. hmm.. what do you say?
haish. payah tul. 

one of my favorite moment while in South Korea, is  when i was in Sokcho. or to be exact: Mount Seorak.
dalam instagram pun asek upload gambar kat Mount Seorak. suka sangat!!! ^__^

here, i share with you guys my fav photos: a little boy and his Mommy. 

comel gila acah-acahkan kan Mak dia.. suruh mak dia kejar. dah la atas gunung!!! eeeee aku pulak yang cuak. huhuhu~

ok tu je. kthanxbai! ^__^

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