My Awesome South Korea Photobook from Pixajoy

6:36 PM

hey guys, Assalamualaikum!
 i know i know..
 i've been neglecting this blog for quite some time and i keep repeating the same cliche-reason : that i'm busy with stuffs. but i AM busy with stuffs! and one of the reason is this:

yeszaaaa! It's my first photobook baby! hehehe.
just received it yesterday and it makes me a happy girl. (^__^,)
 i bought a Pixajoy's photobook voucher with a very reasonable price from Groupon last year.
Then i add a few bucks to add from 40 pages to 50 pages, and to change the layout from portrait to landscape. (if you have any inquiry, just ask them on FB, they'll immediately come back to you and explain whatever you want to ask)

....  and here is the result:

 urgh. pls excuse my layout design yang tak berapa nak cantik tu. huhu.
it's my first time, yo! and i only did it during lunch break at the office.
(which explains why it took me almost a week to finish it. sorting gambar je dah berbulan-bulan (refer here). hahahahaha. )

Anyway, Pixajoy's having CNY promotion which will end soon.
It's a good deal, you might don't want to miss out!
here is the link. go grab it! xD

album di atas baru volume 1 : South Korea Day 1 to Day 3. ada 6 hari di Korea masih belum diprintkan lagi. hahahaha. Pasni gigih la nak sambung design photobook. huhuhu~

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