married to my bestfriend, i am now a Mrs!

10:33 PM

...and so, that is the reason of my absence from this blog for the past few months; 
busy preparing for my wedding. thehehe.

who would have thought.. the same guy i've been traveling with, is the guy that i'm gonna get married to.
even masa di Korea tahun lepas pun, we never discuss about feelings and stuffs.
(back then i even thought that he already has a gf or fiancee or something. )
we were just a bunch of friends pegi holiday bersama.
and few months later:
Alhamdulillah..  i am married to my bestest friend. :)

gambar from the OP probably dapat next month kot, so for now i'll let you guys see gambar from the amatur je la ek. teaser aje sudehhhh ;p

Nikah  / Solemnization / 24th May 2013

Him: Don't worry. everything will be alright. *gelak jahat*
Me: Gulp!  (crap. dah sah nikah. takleh lari dah. pfftt)

my family . all yellowish.
my nephew (Fahri) takde dalam gambar.. probably tido like a baby (well, he is a baby ;p )

our lovely awesome friends that came to the nikah that night.
serious happy gila time ni dapat share our precious moment dengan dorang. ^^,

Resepsi / Reception / 25th May 2013

i super loveeeee my nikah dress!
simple kurung moden with pleated trailing kain (tak nampak dalam gambar nih. huhu).

and ohh that little cutie boy, is my handsome nephew: Fahri :)

love my reception dress too!
inspired by the Greek. ngehngehngeh.

kalau rajin saya update lagi.

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