The End of Year 2013, Welcoming 2014 :)

11:24 AM

i have no idea what to write, actually.
i wish i blogged more so that when December comes, i can look back and rewind to whatever that had happened in the past one year.

tules je la apa yang teringat ehhh..

1. Being a bridezilla.
haha. okayyyy  so the wedding was in May, and i was a bridezilla since December 2012 until 23rd of May 2013. i was always looking forward to blog about it - i even created a wedding blog just to hide my friends people from finding out that i was getting married, while at the same time, i JUST NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT TO THE WORLD. confused much? haha. nevermind =p 

so basically, 2013 is more on the wedding prep :  Pegi kursus kawen di Masjid Negara (it was fun fun fun indeed! ), prepare / setelkan dokumen2 kawen, setelkan OP, the dress and etc. my wedding ceremony was a simple one. kalau boleh taknak ada hantaran pun. but but but you know la kan orang tua-tua, nak taknak kena layankan aje.  so what we did was, beli barang hantaran biasa-biasa je becos i don't buy stuff to show off to people. Bukan tu je. Aku cakap taknak buat malam berinai pun dah kena jeling dek Mama, so can you imagine what wud happen if i told her that i don't want a wedding reception? i'm probably a deadmeat by now. hahaha.

2. Went to Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed.
Ahhhh this one! One of the best talk everrrr! Alhamdulillah, i have nothing but syukr to Allah, for giving me the opportunity to attend this event. it was a memorable one. I went to this talk with awesome ladies: Ana, Wani & Awer. Andddd, we get to hug with sister Yasmin and i get starstruck ;p

3. For the first time ever, i went to a job interview after almost 6 years. Finally! i got the courage cos i'm done being bullied. i know my 'price', and staying there would make me a fool. so yeah. gudbai kampeni jahat =p

4. Getting Married!
Wheeeee! Alhamdulillahhhhh. finally....... Allah has opened my heart. My husband is someone who was there with me all along. i mean, he's a friend of mine. we knew each other from wayyyy back masa belajar kat uni dulu. kawan je. merely as kawan. tup tup kawen. and most of our friend terkezut bila dapat invitation card. if only i can see their face when they opened the card. kahkah. mesti priceless! 

kitorang takde bercintan cintun pun. even after we got 'engaged', there's no such thing as 'i love you', 'i miss you', or whatever people in a relationship normally do/say. kekadang aku sendiri pun wondering; 'betul ke nih dia ni nak kawen dengan aku'. huhu. But honestly, Alhamdulillah for this. sebab all i want is a marriage in Islamic way.. (though kitorang tak lah alim mana pun kan. but the effort to try to be one tu ada la..)

5. I quit my job.
Yup. The timing is just right. Quitting my job for a new position. best decision everrrr and  i couldn't be more happier :)

6. Travel
Hah! This one. This year travel dalam negara sahaja. Pegi Penang, Perak, Johor, Pahang, Terengganu. Tak pegi jalan jauh-jauh becos i got pregnant ;)

7. Pregnancy
Alhamdulillah. Rezeki. i'm carrying a baby, and now i'm at 6 months. Best, tapi the first trimester, and awal-awal second trimester, i was at my worst condition. Pregnancy sickness till i was almost at 5 months. i loss weight. (but now i'm gaining weight like 2kg in a month! balas dendam makan katanya. hahaha) And that is the reason why i didn't travel anywhere eventhough husband asek 'jom pegi sana', 'jom pegi sini'. maaf lah encik hasben, ur wife is not strong enough T____________T

8. Friendship
Well, friendship is what i treasure the most in this life. i'm happy and proud i'm surrounded by good friends. Hampir KESEMUA close friends datang ke rumah during the solemnization day.. even my Kakak Makeup pun cakap "Ya ALLAH Dik, bestnya awak. ramai betul kawan-kawan datang. seronok akak tengok."  Memang best walau hakikatnya, encik hasben kalo boleh taknak dorang datang time nikah sebab dia nervous. siap pesan suh datang time sanding je, toksah datang time nikah. hahahaha. cian hasbenku. nervous sangat.  tapi tau la kan budak-budak ni, lagi kita cakap jangan datang, lagiiiii dorang excited nak datang. hahahaha ;p

And becos we both appreciate this friendship, we went to see them when we got the chance. Like pegi Penang, jumpa Faz & Che Pah.. Pegi Kuantan, pegi rumah my bff- Aishah.. pegi Johor, jumpa mereka-mereka yang berada di sana, and etc. Ye la kan, yang datang masa majlis aritu sumer came all the way from Utara ke Selatan, Timur ke Barat.. Ya Allah, semoga Allah je dapat balas kesungguhan dorang nih sumer. :)

9. The Married Life
So far so good i guess. eventhough kitorang LDM; sorang kat Kemaman, sorang lagi kat sini. only during early pregnancy je rasa agak frustrated sebab hasben takder di sisi. and to make it worst, my hasben offshore for 4 weeks! haaa tu la yang paling lama. normally 2,3 minggu je. tapi boleh plak masa awal pregnancy tu dia takde 4 minggu. huuuu.. memang sedih hiba kadang-kadang nanges jugak la kan. sobsob.  #dramasangat

Tapi bagus jugak encik hasben takder di sisi sebab i couldn't stand his smell. like seriously. mual sokmo jadinya. takut juga beliau kecik hati. huhu. but he's okay with it. ye la kan, salah dia jugak jadi camnih. ehhh??! kuangkuangkuang ;p 

10. First House
Our first house, but second house(property) for him. Beli sebab i'm probably gonna moved to Kemaman to stay by his side gittewwww. Rugi kalau sewa, jadi baiklah beli saja. Yang sedihnya, rumah tu dinaiki banjir baru-baru nih. Haihhh.. dugaan. Rumah tu pun belum siap sepenuhnya. (supposed siap by December atau early next year). So sekarang ni macam agak frust sebab we've planned how to deco our home sweet home. tapi bila dah jadi banjir ni, rasa macam tak berapa ada hati nak beli furniture bagai sebab dalam kepala dah otomatik ada "alaa nanti kena banjir rugi je rosak". T___________T

11. Blogging
Err.. okay so i don't really have time to blog. been busy (cliche sangat kan). Travelogue Korea dah ke laut. pegi tahun 2012, tapi skang dah nak masuk 2014 dah pun tapi tak update2 lagi. haha. oh well. bebila ada masa mungkin akan diupdate. inshaa Allah..

12. Election
Ohh lupa nak mention pasal nih tadi. this year marks the second time for me to vote. good experience? i dunno. wait n see what's gonna happen to Malaysia next year. Segala benda naik. hebat sungguh =p

i think there's a lot of other things happened in year 2013, tapi dah terlupa. maybe i'll add some more when i remember. so, till we meet again. Hope 2014 will bring many more good things as it did to me in 2013. i'm greatly blessed and i thank Allah for all of this. i wish i'll be a better Allah's servant in 2014 onwards :)

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