membesar bagai juara~

3:27 AM

post berturut-turut mengenai pregnancy. please excuse me.
patutnya start tules pasal our little ones ni dah lama, tapi as i mentioned before, i had a very severe pregnancy sickness - takleh nak bangun, asek wekwek je kije. huhuhu.

Andddd, if you read here, i'm making a pregnancy journal. First pregnancy, memang terlebih excited kot ek? ;p

But to my defense, making a pregnancy journal is a good thing: so that one day we can look back and smile. we (mothers) will never know what will happen next- sama ada we survive the labor, atau tak. scary, isn't it? Plus, there's something about what my gynae said 2 days ago makes me wants to share more. (katanya 80% tak survive in a long haul flight. huwaaaa!! tatottttt makkk! but i think i'm okay je, as long as i follow her advice.. i need to walk in the plane every 2 hours. haish. )

here are some photos of us : my baby, hubs (ada terselit di situ. hihi), and I.
i have few ideas untuk maternity photos, tapi tu tungguuuu portraiture nun di 'sana' nanti. inshaa Allah. hopefully my baby & i survive the journey - nanti boleh la buat maternity portraiture in winter ;p hihi~

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