Tuesday, January 28, 2014

So.. i was in UK & France for a week..

Satu percutian yang tak dirancang.
i was informed that i'll be going to UK in 2 weeks time and i wasn't sure what to do: nak pergi ke tak nak because i was going to be 28th weeks pregnant by the time i was supposed to fly.

will update more later on this trip, inshaa Allah =)

Tapi sila jangan berharap entry ni best sebab it's winter in Europe, the temperature kept dropping and this preggy lady sangattttt tak larat nak jalan. huhu~


Azura Aziz said...

hai.. 1st time jumpa blog ni terus suka.. sebab Alycia suka bc kisah2 traveloge.. kipidup dear ;)

Gil Ra Im said...

hi alycia!
thanx sudi baca walopun x selalu update! ^^,