Wide Awake..

10:58 AM

It feels like only yesterday i found out that i'm pregnant but the truth is, am gonna be 28th weeks pregnant by next week. I have been carrying this little miracle inside me for 27th weeks now--rasa macam tak percaya pun ada. Sometimes when i talk to my baby, tears just come running down.  But of course, tears of joy.. tears of syukur. i'm happy n grateful to Allah. And eversince i'm pregnant, i go gaga over every babies i've met! Semua baby buat aku rasa nak kidnap sebab comel2 sangat!  Tu belum part follow ig orang yang ada cute babies. Overrrr sangatttt Kak Ton ni kannn! Lol.

I went to see my gynae yesterday for monthly check up.. without my husband. He's away now for a job training somewhere overseas - so i went there (private hospital) with my baby sister. Alhamdulillah.. so far so good. Our little ones are growing healthily. Tak dapat buat 4d semalam sebab baby's playing hide n seek dgn mommy. Last time we went for a check up, relax je dia tayang muka. (Bole tak kitorang tak print 4d gambar baby sebab macam terpegun first time tengok baby?? Haha) Gender baby? Well.. kitorang dah tau whether it's a he or a she eversince i was 4 months pregnant, me think. But husband and i been keeping it a secret from everyone sebab Doctor cakap "kalau nak confirm, kena tunggu baby keluar dulu la.." - and that was when i asked her confirm betul ke gender baby tu. -___-"

I can't wait to see you.. but everyday i hope and pray to Allah that you'll come out just as expected delivery date. Jangan keluar awal sangat yer, Sayang.. be strong. Both of us have to be strong. We're gonna see Ayah next week-- we'll be in a long-haul flight,  so please please please stay with me.. be healthy n strong... ok baby? mommy loves you very very much. <3 Gosh.. i never knew that i can love someone i never met this much.

Ok now. Let's get some sleep.

Much much love,

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