Happy Birthday, my Son-shine :)

9:03 AM

it's a been a year already. my boy turns one today.

he was supposed to come out to see the world in April, but he decided to give me an early surprise in February : i gave birth to this sweet little boy when i was 32 weeks pregnant. 
yes. he was born premature, also known as preemie which to me- is a miracle baby. :)

looking back at one year ago, it was a painful memory. i'll shed tears everytime my mind travels back to the day my boy was born until the day he finally discharged. sedih tak terkata, pilu tak terungkap. having a preemie baby, only a preemie Mom can understand the pain. 

cut the story short.
my little boy, whom we named as Amsyar
now is 1 year old~!

ohhh how time flies!
dah pandai tepuk tangan.. 
dah pandai high five..
dah pandai nak berjalan..
auwwww.. tak lama je lagi he's gonna be a fine young man.
alahai anak...
jangan la membesar cepat sangat.
mommy tak puas peluk cium awak lagi.

my baby Amsyar,
mommy doakan semoga Amsyar membesar menjadi hamba Allah yang soleh, 
yang baik akhlaknya, 
yang pintar,
yang berilmu,
yang berjihad di jalan ALLAH SWT.
mommy doakan semoga Amsyar sentiasa dalam lindungan ALLAH SWT dan berjaya di dunia & di akhirat.

semoga Amsyar menjadi seorang anak yang soleh, yang mampu bekalkan doa kepada mommy & ayah apabila mommy & ayah tiada lagi di dunia ini kerana tiada lain yg kami perlukan melainkan doa dari anak kami yang soleh.

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