baby number two..

9:51 PM

my last blog entry was more than a year ago.
ni bukan tahap bersawang dah ni. dah tahap bole jadi ancient artifact kot ;p

micro blogging is just easier. i used to update EVERYTHING via facebook or instagram. senang, cepat dan mudah. tapi, few months ago my IG account has been disabled only God (and the instagram team) knows why. sakit pulak hatiku entah sape lah yang gatal sangat report ig aku yang tader pape tu. it's my personal account - my IG is mainly about my travels, family & friends. so it's kinda weird and confusing why they disable my account. dah email the IG team a few times but got no reply. so lama2 aku pun rasa berjauh hati lalu biarkan je lah.. so there goes my 5 years of being an IG addicts.. there goes all my photos and my check ins from various places around the world.. *sigh*

i am currently sedang berpantang.
yup. you read it right.
sekarang sedang berpantang anak kedua.
syukur kpd ALLAH SWT di atas segala nikmat & kurniaanNya.
sekarang ku bergelar ibu kepada sepasang cahayamata: Abang Amsyar & Baby Athea. :)

i want to write more.
but maybe in the next entry.
just hope this won't be my last entry for 2016.
i have a lotttttt to write so, see you soon!

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